About MedCTO

Medical technology is a rapidly developing field of knowledge and expertise that is changing how doctors and patients interact with technology in the healthcare sector. The medtech landscape is vast, ranging from wearable tech, mHealth apps, and remote medical care to bioinformatics, surgery simulation, precision medicine, and more.

As the field grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate and find impartial information on the topic that’s true and reliable. This website medcto.com is here to provide you with all the insights, guides, and advice you need about health tech.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive guide and resources for understanding — and investing in — the ever-developing medical and healthcare technology world.

Medical Knowledge and Technology

The name “medcto” is a contraction of “medical” and “CTO” (Chief Technology Officer). This website addresses the need to bring medical knowledge and technology together. It is a place for medical technology experts, healthcare professionals, students, business people, or anyone interested in the intersection of technology and health with helpful articles, guides, and analysis in the medtech industry.